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SEO For Your Writing Website Without the Headache

My Favorite SEO Plug-In For Your Writing Website As I was preparing for this week’s The Writing Biz show I thought about my own WordPress sites and it occurred to me that I should share my favorite plug-in with you. I am not an SEO expert. I understand it well enough to do what I need to do for my clients in my writing biz but trying to understand the real down and dirty technical stuff […]

5 Ways Google+ Helped My Writing Business Grow

If someone asked me what is the one thing that has improved my writing business in the past year, I would say Google+. It has helped me to rethink my business and in many ways improved what I have to offer my writing clients. I had a successful freelance writing business before I began to take Google+ seriously. But through the connections I have made, the different business strategies that G+ helped me define and the great […]

If You Do These 5 Things Social Media Will Work For You In Your Writing Business

  Before you read any further, let me make something very clear to you. If you are planning on making money with your writing business then you MUST use social media. Don’t be scared of it. Do you realize how lucky we are that marketing has shifted in such a way that we can use social media to build our businesses, at very little cost to us? Every minute that you spend learning how to […]

Social Media 5 things

Your Platform is the Book That Holds Your Story

  The word “platform” is one that you hear often. Everyone tells you that as a writer you need to build one. But do you really understand what a platform is and why you should have one? Merriam-Webster offers several definitions but the one that I find fits this conversation better than the others is   That is how you should think of your platform. Not as a place that you stand upon that is higher […]

Branding…It’s Not Just For Cattle Anymore

  This week on The Writing Biz we will talk about branding. This is just the beginning if the conversation, its something that will keep coming up as we talk about the business of writing. Branding is one of those terms that is broad and hard to nail down. So. I thought we would take a look at what branding is, and what it is not. Branding is… According to the Merriam-Webster, branding is the […]