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Recipe for Marketing Success Through Your Blog with Chef Dennis & Carolyn Capern

  Listen to the podcast Do I really Need a Blog for My Writing Biz?   I know, I know you are tired of hearing how important a blog is to your marketing platform but IT IS. Your blog gives you the opportunity to get your message out to your audience, build your platform and more than any other reason that a writer should have a blog is that it improves your writing and helps […]

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Building a Website for Your Writing Business with Rivka Kawano

  One of the most important things you an do to help your writing business succeed is to build a great website. If you already have a website, take a good hard look at it. Your website should be readable, clear, easy to navigate and help you build an email list. If it is not all of these things you need to make some changes NOW! Rivka Kawano helps writers build and market their businesses […]

Your Platform is the Book That Holds Your Story

  The word “platform” is one that you hear often. Everyone tells you that as a writer you need to build one. But do you really understand what a platform is and why you should have one? Merriam-Webster offers several definitions but the one that I find fits this conversation better than the others is   That is how you should think of your platform. Not as a place that you stand upon that is higher […]

Taking the Heat Out of Branding with Carolyn Capern

Listen to the Podcast on Stitcher Radio                                                         Listen to the Podcast on iTunes On this week’s episode of The Writing Biz, Carolyn Capern joined me in a discussion on branding and why it is important to writers to develop their own unique brand. Clean Your Act Up Before […]

Branding…It’s Not Just For Cattle Anymore

  This week on The Writing Biz we will talk about branding. This is just the beginning if the conversation, its something that will keep coming up as we talk about the business of writing. Branding is one of those terms that is broad and hard to nail down. So. I thought we would take a look at what branding is, and what it is not. Branding is… According to the Merriam-Webster, branding is the […]