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Recipe for Marketing Success Through Your Blog with Chef Dennis & Carolyn Capern

  Listen to the podcast Do I really Need a Blog for My Writing Biz?   I know, I know you are tired of hearing how important a blog is to your marketing platform but IT IS. Your blog gives you the opportunity to get your message out to your audience, build your platform and more than any other reason that a writer should have a blog is that it improves your writing and helps […]

3 Reasons to Use Google+ for Your Writing Biz

Communication. Creativity. Collaboration.  Those are the three words that I use to describe Google+. I use just about every one of the big social media platforms and not one compares to the connectivity that I have felt on Google+.  Not one. The dynamic on Google+ is very different than other platforms, the conversations are more thoughtful, you can meet new people throughout the world and it encourages real interaction. Let’s take a look at the three reasons I […]

The 5 Things The Writing Biz Social Media Series Taught Me

  When I decided to do a series on social media for The Writing Biz I did not in my wildest dreams think that it would turn out as terrific as it did. I have my amazing and knowledgeable guests to thank for that! Here are 5  things that The Writing Biz Social Media Series taught me: 1) Have  a plan 2) Use the right tools 3) Be consistent 4) Be Yourself 5) Help Others I […]

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This Week on The Writing Biz: Social Media Mashup with the Manly Pinterest Guy Himself, Jeff Sieh

This week on The Writing Biz my guest is Jeff Sieh of Manly Pinterest Tips. We will explain why Pinterest is a fantastic social media platform for writers and we will also discuss other platforms that may help you in your writing biz. Watch LIVE on Google You can also watch the replay here Watch Live on YouTube  You can also watch the replay here Look for the podcast release of the show Friday on iTunes on Stitcher Radio Join Our Newsletter So You Don’t […]

5 Ways Google+ Helped My Writing Business Grow

If someone asked me what is the one thing that has improved my writing business in the past year, I would say Google+. It has helped me to rethink my business and in many ways improved what I have to offer my writing clients. I had a successful freelance writing business before I began to take Google+ seriously. But through the connections I have made, the different business strategies that G+ helped me define and the great […]