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LIVE Tonight at 7:30 pm:The Best Twitter Practices for #writers with Marci Diehl

This week on The Writing Biz my guest is Marci Diehl. Marci is a freelance writer and author who kills it on Twitter. Watch LIVE on Google You can also watch the replay here Watch Live on YouTube  You can also watch the replay here Look for the podcast release of the show Friday on iTunes on Stitcher Radio Join Our Newsletter So You Don’t Miss a Show! (subscribe in sidebar of this page) Last Week’s Episode: Social […]

Marci Diehl

The Writing Biz was Featured This Week on the Weekly Writing Podcast Review!

The Weekly Writers Podcast review chose The Writing Biz as this week ‘s featured podcast. You can read the review HERE. I am honored to be included with past featured podcasts such as AuthorMBA The Author Hangout DIY Author and More

Taking the Heat Out of Branding with Carolyn Capern

Listen to the Podcast on Stitcher Radio                                                         Listen to the Podcast on iTunes On this week’s episode of The Writing Biz, Carolyn Capern joined me in a discussion on branding and why it is important to writers to develop their own unique brand. Clean Your Act Up Before […]

Your Writing Business Plan with Nina Amir

Writing Your Business Plan Is Ridiculously Important Oooo… a Business Plan. Just the thought of writing one, may make you cringe. I thought about changing “business plan” to something with a warm fuzzy feeling, like herd of kittens or warm Snuggies, but that became very weird, very fast. So, we will just stick to calling the written process of planning your business, exactly what it is, a business plan. During Nina Amir’s visit on The […]

Welcome to The Writing Biz! A Hangout On Air and Podcast for Writers

The Place to Hangout and Learn How to Run Your Writing Business The Writing Biz is an online Hangout On Air and Podcast that is designed to help writerpreneurs manage and grow their businesses.  Often writers find themselves feeling overwhelmed when they are trying to take care of all of their business responsibilities and learn as they go. I am hoping that with the help of my wonderful guests that we can give you the tools, resources and […]