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What a 50 Yr. Old Woman Knows About Young Black Men & the Police That Swore To Protect Them

Why  I Will Raise My Hands to Support the Young Black Men of America. I had to stop and write a post about a topic that is at the top of today’s news, police brutality. I don’t understand how so many of the people across America think that this is over-blown or justified. It’s not. If anything it’s usually well hidden and ignored. And yes, it is an issue of color.  It is dangerous to be […]

Social Media Mash Up with Jeff Sieh

How Many Ways Can You Bring Social Media Into Your Writing Business? If you find out the answer to that let me know. But seriously, my guest this week is Jeff Sieh and he gives us a great information on several. Jeff is the host of one of my favorite Google+ HOAs The Manly Pinterest Tips Show. He recently brought the show back after and I am thrilled that he did. I didn’t lay this […]

Best Twitter Practices for #Writers With Marci Diehl

One of the great things about producing The Writing Biz is that I am able to get to know wonderful people. This week’s guest, Marci Diehl has become part of that group. Marci joined me to discuss Best Twitter Practices For #writers, I will be honest with you up front the video is not full of tools and resources as some of my shows. The value in this show is to show you how you can create […]


Social Media For Writers: Getting Organized and Keeping It Simple with Frances Caballo

The Writing Biz: Part 1 of my 4 Part Social Media Series with Guest Frances Caballo Also Available as a Podcast on iTunes and Stitcher Radio This week’s show is Pt. 1 of a four-part series on how to use social media in your writing business. As a writer, social media is not just a way to market your books, products and services it is a way to build authority in your field and relationships […]

Time Management: How Did It Get So Late So Soon? The Writing Biz Ep. 2

Time Management: Time Flies…Sometimes In the Wrong Direction This week on The Writing Biz we are discussing time management. My guests were Ryan J. Rhoades, who teamed up with co-author, Lany Sullivan to write a great book on time management, Stop Wasting Time & Burning Money, and Charlotte Pierce, owner of Pierce Press, an Indie publishing firm that works to guide authors through publishing and marketing of their books. I believe that many authors start a […]