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Do You Have A Vision For Your Freelance Writing Business?

  Write a Vision Statement that means something.   One of the ways that Merriam-Webster defines the word vision is “the act or power of seeing”. I love that. Creating a vision for your freelance writing business is to have the power to see your future. I know, I know just because you can “see” it doesn’t mean that it will come true. But if you never look ahead and plan ahead you will become […]

3 Reasons to Use Google+ for Your Writing Biz

Communication. Creativity. Collaboration.  Those are the three words that I use to describe Google+. I use just about every one of the big social media platforms and not one compares to the connectivity that I have felt on Google+.  Not one. The dynamic on Google+ is very different than other platforms, the conversations are more thoughtful, you can meet new people throughout the world and it encourages real interaction. Let’s take a look at the three reasons I […]

Your Writing Business Plan with Nina Amir

Writing Your Business Plan Is Ridiculously Important Oooo… a Business Plan. Just the thought of writing one, may make you cringe. I thought about changing “business plan” to something with a warm fuzzy feeling, like herd of kittens or warm Snuggies, but that became very weird, very fast. So, we will just stick to calling the written process of planning your business, exactly what it is, a business plan. During Nina Amir’s visit on The […]