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Links to All Episodes of The Writing Biz Via YouTube

Episode 1-June 11. 2014- The Writing Biz: Writing…It’s Not Just a Hobby Anymore Guest Charlotte Pierce

Episode 2-June 18, 2014- Time Management: How Did It Get So Late So Soon? with Ryan J, Rhoades 

Ep 3 N/A

Episode 4- July 2, 2014- The Writing Biz: So, You Want to Be a Writerpreneur? Guests: Helen Sedwickand Rivka Kawano

Episode 5 July 9. 2014 The Writing Biz- Your Writing Business Plan with Nina Amir 

Episode 6 July 16, 2014 Taking the Heat Out of Branding with Carolyn Capern 

Episode  7 July 24, 2014 Your Platform is the Book That Holds your Story with Don Stevens

Episode 8 July 30, 2014 Organizing and Simplifying Your Social Media So You Can Get Back To Writing with Frances Caballo

Episode 9 August 6, 2014 Best Twitter Practices for #Writers with Marci Diehl

Episode 10 August 13, 2014 Best Google+ Practices for Writers with Stephan Hovnanian 

Episode 11 August 20, 2014 Social Media Mash Up: Pinning. Liking Tweeting and More  with Jeff Sieh



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