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Is Self Publishing Right for You? With Angela Bole and Charlotte Pierce

Are you Ready To Self-Publish Your Book? Good question, isn’t it? How do you know? You probably won’t know if you are prepared to publish your own book until you take some time to step back and evaluate your business and your life. My guests this week were Angela Bole, the Executive Director of Independent Book Publisher’s Association (IBPA) and Charlotte Pierce of Pierce Press and Co-President of Independent Publishers of New England (IPNE) shared […]


Your Writing Business Plan with Nina Amir

Writing Your Business Plan Is Ridiculously Important Oooo… a Business Plan. Just the thought of writing one, may make you cringe. I thought about changing “business plan” to something with a warm fuzzy feeling, like herd of kittens or warm Snuggies, but that became very weird, very fast. So, we will just stick to calling the written process of planning your business, exactly what it is, a business plan. During Nina Amir’s visit on The […]