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Do You Have A Vision For Your Freelance Writing Business?

  Write a Vision Statement that means something.   One of the ways that Merriam-Webster defines the word vision is “the act or power of seeing”. I love that. Creating a vision for your freelance writing business is to have the power to see your future. I know, I know just because you can “see” it doesn’t mean that it will come true. But if you never look ahead and plan ahead you will become […]

Drafting Your Self Publishing Freelance Team with Charlotte Pierce

How Many Hats Can You Wear at One Time? Hire a Freelance Team! During this series on Self-Publishing we have mentioned several times that you will need help. It would be a challenge to take care of all the pieces of the publishing on your own. You would have to be an author, a designer, an editor, a marketer and more. While we may have some skills that could be applied to each of these […]