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Exploring the Different Self-Publishing Platforms with Penny Sansevieri

Penny Sansevieri joined me on the the final episode of the four part series on self-publishing. This week we discussed self-publishing platforms. Penny offered terrific advice on what to look for when choosing a publishing platform and how to make sure that they are a right for for you and your book.   Here are some things to think about: Is self-publishing right for you? Watch part one of this series- Is Self Publishing Right […]

Financing Your Self-Publishing Adventure with Stephanie Sims

As my guest, Stephanie Sims mentioned, yes, we are going to talk about the “F” Word. If you are like most writers you probably do not have a background in finance. Most of us have very little experience when it comes to funding a start-up business. Honestly, this is the point where many writers through in the towel. I would like to point put that the BEST way to decide how much money you will […]

This Week on The Writing Biz: Social Media Mashup with the Manly Pinterest Guy Himself, Jeff Sieh

This week on The Writing Biz my guest is Jeff Sieh of Manly Pinterest Tips. We will explain why Pinterest is a fantastic social media platform for writers and we will also discuss other platforms that may help you in your writing biz. Watch LIVE on Google You can also watch the replay here Watch Live on YouTube  You can also watch the replay here Look for the podcast release of the show Friday on iTunes on Stitcher Radio Join Our Newsletter So You Don’t […]

Your Author Platform with Don Stevens

This week on The Writing Biz, my guest Don Stevens of Merge Publishing, shared with us some great ideas that can help you build your author platform. Your author platform is where you build your website, your bio, your social media accounts and more. To build a platform that works for you as an author, you need to keep it consistent and create an audience that will follow, share, retweet and buy your book. The […]

Your Platform is the Book That Holds Your Story

  The word “platform” is one that you hear often. Everyone tells you that as a writer you need to build one. But do you really understand what a platform is and why you should have one? Merriam-Webster offers several definitions but the one that I find fits this conversation better than the others is   That is how you should think of your platform. Not as a place that you stand upon that is higher […]