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Book Marketing on Your Own Turf with Charlotte Pierce and Rochelle Carter

Here is the podcast of this episode: The Importance of Offline Book Marketing Sometimes as the producer of The Writing Biz, it is hard for me to narrow down a topic, so that it is in small enough pieces that we can go over it in a limited amount of time.  Book marketing is definitely one of those topics that is difficult to do justice to in a one hour broadcast. On this episode we wanted […]

Time Management: How Did It Get So Late So Soon? The Writing Biz Ep. 2

Time Management: Time Flies…Sometimes In the Wrong Direction This week on The Writing Biz we are discussing time management. My guests were Ryan J. Rhoades, who teamed up with co-author, Lany Sullivan to write a great book on time management, Stop Wasting Time & Burning Money, and Charlotte Pierce, owner of Pierce Press, an Indie publishing firm that works to guide authors through publishing and marketing of their books. I believe that many authors start a […]