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The Writing Biz is an online Hangout On Air and Podcast that is designed to help writerpreneurs manage and grow their businesses.  Often writers find themselves feeling overwhelmed when they are trying to take care of all of their business responsibilities and learn as they go. I am hoping that with the help of my wonderful guests that we can give you the tools, resources and guidance that will help you.

Let me take a moment and introduce myself. My name is Laura Williams. I am a freelance writer and content marketer and social media consultant. I am the owner of Goodinklings where we provide an array of services to businesses of every size.  I live in the Central Florida area and spend my spare time with my two awesome grandsons.  My cumulative experience is wide and varied but in a broad sense, most of my experience is in business management, marketing and sales. If you really want to find out more check me out on LinkedIn.

I am also co-host of Indie Office Hours which is a Hangout On Air hosted by the talented and smart. Charlotte Pierce, owner of Pierce Press. Indie Office Hours takes on topics to educate and inspire Indie publishers and authors.

You can usually find me wandering through Google+ and I would love for you to connect with me there. I created The Writing Biz G+ Community where I post anything and everything that I can find that can help writers. Another great place to find information I have collected is on The Writing Biz Pinterest Page.

The Writing Biz is also available as a podcast on

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I would like to hear what you struggle with in your business. If you would like to be a guest please email me at thewritingbizshow@gmail.com.

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About Laura Williams

Freelance writer, graphic designer and social marketing strategist. Host of The Writing Biz show a live stream and podcast that helps writers manage and grow their businesses.

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